Ahh, the dreaded L word. Lockdown 3.0 as it’s now been coined (top marks for originality, I must say,) the word people, myself included, now whisper in conversation as if an expletive, as to not do the persons on the end of the Zoom call’s head in. 

Three months and counting that BoJo has kept us in the 4 walls of what was once our pride and joy. A place we couldn’t wait to get back to after a busy day at the office and lock our doors and put the fire on. Now it seems that if we’re not doing a 60 minute makeover at the weekend, our homes have been turned into a full time office, school, canteen, cinema and most of all… wine bar. We can’t even look forward to a fly in visit from Carol Smiley and her TV crew to film the before and after shots! Well, maybe just a doorstep drop off. 

Our TV screens are filled with Joe Wicks and cooking shows, in an attempt to  learn how to cook Michelin Star meals from our ‘meek-ro-wav-e’s’ (Nigella Lawson eat your heart out.) Take-Away tacos and enormous doughnuts line our stomachs at weekends, after an essential walk to queue for said treats in  freezing temperatures. We’re head to toe in woolens and walking boots, that you asked for for Christmas last year. The shivering walk home attempting to carry food in a brown, paper bag whilst it chucks it down is just not the one, is it? 

It sounds like I’m bitter about this whole thing, doesn’t it? To tell you the truth, I am. As I’m sure the rest of the population is. But it does have it’s plus points… 

This is the one time in our lives where we can slow down, take a minute and breathe. Our phones can be put down and selfies of  Pornstar martini trees are forgotten about. We get to spend quality time with the family we live with (if we’re not tearing each others’ hair out.) Not to mention it’s the one occasion it is socially acceptable to regrettably plan our Saturday evenings around watching the Masked Singer… (insert eyeball emoji here.) But above all, it’s ensuring that the magnificent work the NHS does is secured and ensuring ourselves and our families are kept safe and healthy. 



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